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Wedding Freak!!

Hi, This is the first time I have ever blogged anything!! I thought I would let you know how I got into the wedding business and why I find it so fascinating! While I was growing up my mom was a caterer. Not sure how that all began but she was a great cook and she would cook for the dinners at church and I think it just blossomed from there. She would mostly do weddings in churches and halls so I was exposed to the "wedding business" at a fairly young age. At that time it was popular to serve potato salad and ham :) We made tons of potato salad on the weekends. Funny, but I still really like potato salad (especially when it's made like my mom used to make it :)

I got involved with weddings right after my own wedding. My mom had a friend, Ivy Hagen, who was a millinery (who works in making hats). She was very talented and she also did other things. She made a couple of my bridesmaid's dresses, made my veil, altered my dress and was there on our wedding day being a "modern day wedding coordinator". She assisted me in getting dressed, helped distribute flowers, got people organized and, in general, did everything she could to make our wedding go smoothly. She was a blessing. There's a lot more to tell but I'll write again soon.

Our wedding day!

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